Our strategy and values

Faced with a fast-changing world and an ever-increasing number of challenges, SIG adapts and evolves.

Our objective? To be a company that is active in the energy transition, while looking to the future and innovation.

On a daily basis, SIG provides essential services in Geneva: the management of energy, water, optical fibres and waste-treatment networks. We offer reliable, efficient, innovative and environmentally-friendly products and services.


SIG is committed to developing a sustainable and connected society. To achieve this goal, we rely on 6 main pillars: 

  • Focusing on the needs of our customers and stakeholders
    Our customers are the focus of our attention. We constantly improve our solutions to meet your expectations. We aim to be your value-creation partner.

  • Securing our economic sustainability while remaining true to our mission
    Our goal is to offer our customers competitive prices while earning a reasonable profit for the company.

  • Accelerating Geneva’s energy and environmental transition
    We consider the environmental, economic and social impact of everything we do. It's the foundation of our sustainable development.

  • Enhancing the value, reliability and versatility of our production facilities
    The reliability of our networks and infrastructure deliver quality customer solutions.

  • Building our human-centred future
    Our human resources policy is founded on ethics, empathy and inclusion. These essential values are the underpinnings of our relationships with all our stakeholders. Our company's number-one priority is human health and safety.

  • Exploiter le potentiel du monde numérique et technologique
    Le numérique et les données constituent le socle d’une Smart City et jouent un rôle prépondérant dans la vie des entreprises et des individus. Tout en ayant à l’esprit les principes de sobriété numérique, la société intègre les possibilités offertes par les nouvelles technologies et permet aux citoyen·nes de participer activement à la gestion de leur cité.

Our values form the basis of our identity



Conscious of the importance of our mission, we place sustainable development  at the very centre of our activities.
Our commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy is critical to the directions we set ourselves, as are sound economic management and a responsible employer policy.





We participate in the day-to-day life of the Canton and contribute to its dynamism. As we are close to our customers and partners, we listen to their needs, responding effectively and in accordance with our values.
Our customers can count on the motivation and skills of our employees to support them with their daily requirements and in the challenges that lie ahead.



While cultivating curiosity, trust, the right to make mistakes, initiative, creativity and a team spirit, we foster our ability to adapt and to build the future.
Social, economic and environmental challenges inspire us, driving us to innovate and leading us to success.





Through our performance, we earn and retain the trust of our customers, owners and partners. The reliability of our services, the integrity of our behaviour and the quality of our relationships with others determine our level of excellence.