Chancy-Pougny Dam

Built at the base to supply metallurgical factories, the Chancy-Pougny power station now supplies Geneva with electricity. It was awarded the Naturemade Star certification in 2015, with this guaranteeing that the source of the energy and the quality of its production is in accordance with the most demanding criteria in Europe.

This allows for it to supply the Electricité Vitale Vert offering.


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The construction of the Chancy-Pougny power plant began in 1920. Located on the French-Swiss Rhône, it initially supplied the French metallurgical factories at Le Creusot. From 1958, Geneva began to receive electricity produced by this plant.

The plant is operated by Société des Forces Motrices de Chancy-Pougny, in which SIG and Compagnie Nationale du Rhône are shareholders.

This is a run-of-the-river dam, whereby there is an insufficient volume of water in the reservoir, and so storing it is not possibleUnlike accumulation power plants, run-of-the-river plants have little or no storage capacity. They cannot store up their energy, which must be consumed directly. ?. It benefits from changes in the flow resulting from the Seujet Dam for Verbois.



La centrale de Chancy Pougny a reçu en 2015 la certification naturemade star, un label qui garantit la provenance de l’énergie et la qualité de sa production selon les critères les plus exigeants d’Europe. Ceci lui permet aujourd’hui d’alimenter le produit Electricité Vitale Vert.

Key figures

Key figures


Hydroelectric generators


Fish passage enabling fish to migrate upstream by bypassing the obstacle represented by the plant

230 GWh

produced annually


of the Canton of Geneva's consumption is produced here

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