The Verbois Dam

If Geneva residents have electricity, even at the times of peak consumption, it is thanks to the Verbois Dam! This site produces 15% of the Canton's consumption, which does not prevent it from being used to protect the fauna and flora that surround it. Come and pay it a visit!



Inaugurated in 1944, this development includes the dam with its four channels, the plant equipped with four Kaplan turbines and two lateral dykes.


It operates as a run-of-the-river dam. Changes in the flow of the Rhône at the Seujet Dam allows for the Verbois plant to produce electricity during hours of heavy consumption.


Since it is essential for SIG to protect the fauna and flora at its operational sites, the dam is equipped with one fish passage, which is comprised of small pools set in steps that enable fish to cross the dam and swim upstream.



Il est essentiel pour SIG de préserver la faune et la flore des sites qu’elle exploite. Le barrage de Verbois est donc équipé d'une passe à poissons pour permettre à ces derniers de franchir l'obstacle que représente l'ouvrage. La passe est constituée de petits bassins en escaliers qui permettent aux poissons de remonter le cours d’eau le long du barrage.

Key figures

Key figures

100 MW

of total energy

466 GWh

production per year, i.e., 15% of the consumption of the Canton of Geneva


Kaplan turbines


lateral dikes


fish ladder of 107 pools: Switzerland´s largest

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Tour information

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