Our environmental projects

Here at SIG, we work each and every day to improve our energy performance and to reduce our environmental impact, be it in terms of our products, services or facilities. We have fully committed ourselves to the path of sustainable development and operate primarily at a local level.

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SIG preserves water


In Geneva, water is a resource that is both abundant and valuable. Treating wastewater and promoting the consumption of Eau de Genève is essential.

Step du Bois-de-Bay

Wastewater treatment plants

SIG purifies the wastewater produced throughout the entire Geneva area on an ongoing basis, as well as that from a area along the border region.

The wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Aïre and Bois-de-Bay eliminate any pollution found in the wastewater. Their key purpose is to conserve the water quality of the Rhône and eliminate polluted water discharges into the Allondon, a river of remarkable beauty with a variety of fauna. Thanks to the on-site SIG facilities, the endangered plant and animal species now have an environment that is more favourable for their conservation. The WWTPs have been granted the Parc Naturel certification, which is awarded to industrial sites designed in a way that protects an area’s fauna and flora. A new wastewater treatment plant was commissioned in 2015, the Chancy WWTP. It can treat the wastewater of 14,000 residents.

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une mère avec ses deux enfants pour la campagne Eau de Genève

Eau de Genève

Since 2009, SIG has been encouraging Geneva residents to drink Eau de Genève: in 2007, 54% of them drank it regularly, rising to 85% in 2016! This excellent tap water is up to 1,000 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water and is totally local. With 80% of it originating from Lake Geneva and 20% from Geneva’s groundwater table, it is of excellent quality while being subject to regular checks.

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SIG sorts, reuses and recovers waste


Waste is a formidable fuel that can provide electricity and heat for tens of thousands of households.

Usine des Cheneviers

The Cheneviers plant

The Cheneviers facility processes the waste of nearly 500,000 residents, thousands of businesses and dozens of communes. This waste is recovered and provides electrical energy and heat remotely.

Furthermore, nearly 40% of Geneva's treated urban waste is transported by boat from the city centre, which means that the traffic equivalent of 16,000 trucks is avoided annually!


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Projet des Cheneviers IV

The Cheneviers IV project

By 2023, SIG will have built a state-of-the-art plant designed to meet cantonal needs. Cheneviers IV will produce much more energy with even less waste. The future facility will contribute towards cantonal efforts in relation to the energy transition.