The Châtillon plant: green waste recovery centre.

Rather than disposing of waste, let’s recover and convert it! As the main recycling centre for green waste in the canton, the Châtillon site undertakes several treatment, storage, recovery and conversion activities. Want to know more about it?

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How is our waste converted?

The organic waste treatment centre consists of a composting facility and an anaerobic digestion plant. Biogas from anaerobic digestion is converted on site via the cogeneration of electricity and heat.

High-quality compost is produced throughout the year and returned to the land via agriculture, horticulture or individual gardeners.

The cantonal repository is comprised of two storage bays, one for rot-resistant residues, and the other for bottom ash and bottom ash rejects.
The site is in charge of the operation of three recovery areas in the canton, with these areas reserved for individual people. They collect every type of waste except household waste free of charge, seven days a week.


In 2018, the containment and cleaning of the air in Châtillon's composting hall helped to eliminate the odour pollution experienced by the residents of Châtillon. These measures eliminated a major part of odours.

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