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The sheer diversity of SIG’s activities and its commitment to the environment greatly enriches our company.

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Key figures 2019

Key figures
  • 100% of our electricity is 100% renewable and Swiss

  • 59'900 clients customers supplied with heat or cooling via thermal means

  • 73 million m³ of wastewater treated in our WWTPs

  • 219'500 tonnes tonnes of waste treated

  • 50.5 millions de m³ of drinking water distributed

Our commitment to sustainable development

Sustainable development
Respect de l'environnement

Respecting the environment

SIG is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities, products and services, and to being exemplary in this area. How? Through the use of innovative technologies, complying with legal requirements, implementing the best environmental standards as well as preventing pollution.

Équité sociale

Social equality

Mindful of the personal development of its employees and the quality of its products, SIG invests in continuous training: with training, internships and apprenticeships regularly organised. We are also take care to ensure that the men and women are treated no differently to each other, with equal skills and experience paid the equivalent salary.

Efficacité économique

Economic efficiency

SIG supports the canton's innovation and economic development, in particular through rigorous financial management: we have stabilised pour sales in terms of water, gas and electricity. We are also striving to reduce our reliance on resources, and we are investing in infrastructure maintenance and development.

Based on images

Based on images