The Patronage Fund

Be they humanitarian or cultural, the projects supported by the SIG Patronage are many and varied, with activities related to fighting hunger, theatre for the disabled, and the management of rainwater, amongst others.


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Apply to the patronage fund

You can apply for support online. Here is the list of documents to provide in support of your request:

  • The statutes of your organisation

  • A detailed overview of your project

  • The estimated budget

  • Your website address (optional if you have no website)

  • The complete scheduling for the implementation of the project

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Deadlines for the submission of files


Tuesday 4 January 2022 (Committee meeting on 3 February)

Tuesday 1 March 2022 (Committee meeting on 6 April)

Tuesday 17 May 2022 (Committee meeting on 22 June)

Tuesday 30 August 2022 (Committee meeting on 29 September)

Tuesday 18 October 2022 (Committee meeting on 17 November).


Due to the large number of files submitted to the Management Committee, please respect these deadlines.

No derogation may be granted.

At each session, the first 100 files are reviewed. Other requests, although arriving on time, will automatically be postponed to the next session.

The Management Committee can change this limit of 100 files at any time due to special circumstances. 

Thank you for your understanding.



Management Committee

The members of the Management Committee include:


3 external persons selected by the Board of Directors:
Mrs Vanna Karamaounas (Présidente)
Mr Jean-Philippe Haas
Mr Roland-Daniel Schneebeli


2 SIG directors:


Mrs Sylvia Leuenberger
Mr Roger Golay


1 personnel representative, chosen by the SIG Personnel Committee:


Mrs Azra Kesan


1 representative of the company’s Senior Management:


Mr Vincent Collignon

Useful documents

Read the Patronage Fund regulations

Read the summary of the 2019 annual report


For more information on the support fund, send an e-mail to