SIG is committed to sustainable development

Respecting the environment, working towards social equality, being economically efficient – every day, SIG strives for a more sustainable society at every level.

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Respecting the environment

The environment is a primary focus of our strategy and a central component of our long-term vision for growth.

  • We minimise the environmental impact of our activities, products and services.
  • We improve our environmental performance through the use of innovative technologies.
  • We comply with statutory requirements, take the best environmental standards into account and apply the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

Respecting the environment
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Social equality

Mindful of the personal development of our employees, we are convinced that the quality of our products and services depends to a large extent on their well-being.

  • We invest in continuous training ; 2/3 of our employees attend at least one training course per year, and we also take on many internees and apprentices annually.
  • We ensure pay equality between men and women – for equal skills and experience, an equivalent salary.

Social equality
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Economic performance

We support innovation and the economic development of the Canton.

  • We invest in the maintenance and development of infrastructure.
  • Our financial management is rigorous and our sales are stable. We have lowered the average price of electricity over the last 10 years.
  • We are constantly reducing our dependence on resources, which allows us to make significant savings.

Economic performance

SIG's ambition: Be an exemplary company

Exemplary company

Reducing one’s impact on the environment also involves changing habits and behaviours. At SIG, all employees are involved in this. And the results speak for themselves: the head office building in Lignon is twice as energy hungry as other industrial buildings in Switzerland! 

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    Energy management is effective

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    Reduction of water consumption

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    Protection of fauna and flora

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    Reduction of paper consumption

  • -33 % d'énergie consommée grâce à l'optimisation du bâtiment

  • 25 % des besoins en rafraîchissement couverts par un système de free-cooling

  • 25 % des besoins en chaleur couverts par la récupération thermique basse température de la chaufferie du chauffage à distance

  • 9'000 d’eau économisée grâce à la suppression de l’arrosage automatique