Smart City

A smart city is a city capable of offering its residents a high quality of life with minimal resource consumption, thanks to an intelligent combination of infrastructures and technological innovation*. SIG intends to become the preferred partner for the development of smart cantons, cities and municipalities in Geneva.

*OFEN definition

To support the development of a sustainable and connected society in Geneva is at the heart of our strategy. For SIG, the aim of a smart city is the successful implementation of the energy transition and the development of a connected district, directed towards improving the well-being of the population.

SIG intends to be:

A player in the development of smart, energy-efficient districts

Picto Acteurx développement quartier


SIG offers multi-fluid solutions to the cities and municipalities in the canton that meet the criteria of a sustainable city, enhancing local energy resources based on smart control of all the involved energy sources.

Partner of the municipalities and the canton in the development of connected districts

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SIG supports the state and municipalities in their role as incubators of innovative projects. It contributes to the infrastructures and data collection with its expertise and added value.

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Important information


As an example, SIG applies the principles of a smart company, whether in its customer relations, in the management of its assets or in the work organisation provided to its employees, via EquiLibre.

SIG's know-how and experience enable the company to offer the smart energy solutions, telecommunications infrastructures and data platforms which are essential for the development of Smart Cities.