Energy transition

The energy transition is at the heart of the SIG strategy and actions in Geneva. It refers to the transition from our current mode of production and consumption to a new energy model which is more sustainable and more economical. The energy transition is essential due to an extensive number of factors, such as the depletion of natural resources and the respect for the environment.

The heart of the SIG strategy

For several years, SIG has made the energy transition the foundation of its corporate strategy. It is necessary to act on several levels:


    Changing our business models and organisations


    The energy world is undergoing a total revolution. From a hyper-centralised model, it is changing towards one where there are a multitude of stakeholders of all sizes, which are all involved in an interconnected and dynamic system. The energy transition is the path towards this new world that is pluralistic, multifaceted, resolutely efficient and totally renewable. SIG is committed to making this shift in a proactive and committed way, alongside and through its customers and partners. 


    Changing the habits of individual consumers 


    The progressive evolution of behaviours and lifestyles both follows and drives these systemic changes. Households, municipalities and businesses experiment and invent a host of micro-revolutions that enable comfort levels to be maintained, while putting a stop to our energy and our earnings from being wasted. SIG is committed to continuing to stand by its customers, so as to encourage, support and facilitate these initiatives!

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Good to know


In Geneva, we have a strong commitment: The canton has confirmed its “General Energy Conception”, which is based upon a 2,000-watt, nuclear-free society as a long-term goal. It incorporates the objectives of the Federal Council's Energy Strategy 2050, foremost amongst which is the increase in the share of renewable energies and a reduction in consumption.
As the industrial arm of the implementation of the General Energy Conception, SIG leads or participates in all projects that are essential for the definitive implementation of our energy strategy.

Concrete actions and projects

SIG plays a leading role in Geneva’s energy transition in by targeting the following areas for taking action:

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    The decrease in the consumption of all energies: electricity and fossil fuels
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    The development of solar energy
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    The development of wind energy
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    The development of thermal solutions in general and geothermal energy in particular
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    The optimal utilisation of our dams

Renewable thermal energy

Develop the production and distribution of heat and cold

  • Develop renewable thermal networks in the canton.
  • Make a decisive contribution to the implementation of the canton’s energy policy in its objectives relating to energy production.
  • Pursue the development of new renewable energies, in particular geothermal energy.

SIG is committed to developing the production and distribution of renewable heat and cold in the canton. SIG intends to invest 1.3 billion Swiss francs by 2035 in order to obtain 40% renewable energy and therefore reduce by more than 50% the heating-related CO2 emissions in Geneva.

SIG is also committed to pursuing the exploration and then the exploitation of geothermal energy in order to supply 20% of the heat needs of the canton of Geneva by 2035.

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Accelerate the canton's solar development

  • Build solar power plants.
  • Promote self-production in the canton.
  • Ensure a significant share of clean production in our electricity supply, in renewable energy and at a reasonable cost.

SIG is committed to tripling solar production in the canton by 2025 compared to 2018 in order to provide 6% of electricity consumption in Geneva.

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Contribute to the canton’s energy independence through the eco21 programme.

  • Pursue ambitious energy and CO2 emissions saving programmes by offering solutions and support for our customers and by developing partnerships with local businesses and other industrial services.
  • Promote our know-how in energy efficiency outside the canton.
  • Promote sharing and feedback on the energy transition.

SIG is committed to saving and helping our customers save enough electricity for the electrification of society, necessary to fight global warming, without increasing overall electricity consumption.


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Harnessing the energy of the wind

Participate in the development, construction and operation of wind farms in Switzerland when they present a favourable balance between the induced impacts and renewable electricity production, in close collaboration with the municipalities concerned.



Reduce the amount of waste incinerated in the canton of Geneva

  • Implement a programme to reduce the amount of waste produced in the canton.
  • Minimise the releases induced by waste treatment.
  • Make optimum use of the energy produced by incineration.

SIG is committed to improving sorting, the quality of recycling and reducing the quantity of waste incinerated in the canton of Geneva from 195,000 to 160,000 tonnes per year by 2024.

SIG is also committed to commissioning by 2024 a new household waste incineration plant generating 450 GWh of heat per year, i.e. the consumption of approximately 47,000 Genevans who are partially heated with fossil energy.