Berges de Vessy

A former water-pumping plant nestled at the entrance to the Arve Loop, the Berges de Vessy site is home to a remarkable industrial heritage.


In the 1990s, the quality of this natural site, its buildings, engineering structures and machinery encouraged SIG to undertake its rehabilitation. In 2007, a micro hydroelectric power plant was integrated into the former pumping plant.

Since 2010, the association "Les Berges de Vessy" has undertaken to promote the industrial heritage of the dam and revive the site.


The House of the Future, inaugurated in 2015, hosts temporary exhibitions, educational workshops, visits and conferences.


Vessy's development and its micro-power plant are managed in close ecological alignment with the natural character of the watercourse. As a result, the electricity which is produced there has been certified by way of a naturemade star since 2008, a label that guarantees the origin of the energy and the quality of its production, pursuant to the most demanding criteria in Europe. This allows it to currently supply the Electricité Vitale Vert product.

Technical documents relating to environemental aspects

Key figures

  • 320 kW of power

  • 1.7 GWh an annual production

  • 3 metres of gross head (difference in the water level between the top and the base of the dam)

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