The Prieuré plant

The Prieuré treatment and pumping station is the main drinking water production plant in the Canton of Geneva.


This site is not accessible to visitors. 


Since the 18th century, the lake has been the main source of water for Geneva. Given the deterioration of the water quality, the construction of a filtration station at the Prieuré site was begun in 1948, which was commissioned in 1957.

It is at this Prieuré facility that the raw water collected from the lake is treated. Once all impurities have been cleared, the drinking water is pumped and distributed across the Geneva network.

Key figures

  • 3'300 L/s d’eau captés du lac Léman

  • 33 m de profondeur à laquelle l’eau est captée

  • 10 °C température moyenne de l’eau