Awareness of water, energy and the environment

Are you a teacher that is looking to teach your class about energy, water and the environment? SIG has put in place a series of educational activities and materials for children aged 9-13 years. Why not take advantage of them!

Educational activities

  • Workshops


    To learn everything there is to know about water and energy, sign up for our workshops, which are organised for primary schools in Geneva (from 6P to 8P, or 9-13 years of age). Through games and simple explanations, our presenter will explain how a wind turbine or a hydropower station works, as well as so many other things! 

  • Green classes


    In partnership with the SLE (Service des Loisirs Educatifs or Educational Recreation Service) of the DIP (Department of Education), SIG offers week-long courses of green classes on the theme of energy and sustainable development.
    Every day of the week is based around water, air, earth and sun.

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Guided tours of SIG sites

Take a free tour with your students to discover SIG facilities and take advantage of our experienced guide’s explanations.

From 10 years of age. 


Discover the SIG sites


SIG Junior, the website for teaching children about the environment


Through intuitive navigation and attractive illustrations, children learn in a fun way about the journey of water, about the different form of energy, and about day-to-day eco-gestures for conserving the environment. 



capture d'écran de l'accueil du site junior SIG


Visit the SIG educational website

Educational resources




How does a solar power station work? What is geothermal energy? Why do you need to save energy? To find out, order our educational booklets from our presenter, or download them below. 



Our educational playlist offers explanatory and affordable videos on hydroelectricity, the treatment of drinking water, the history of the Jet d’Eau and the operation of the Canton’s purification plants. 


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For more than 20 years, Dario Morisoli, a former electrical draftsperson at SIG, has put his knowledge at the service of young people. Using a teaching method based on play, he teaches children how the various forms of energy work and makes them aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Do not hesitate to contact him for a presentation!

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  • Dario Morisoli

    Dario Morisoli
    In charge of educational activities

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