Chancy-Pougny Dam

Located on the French-Swiss border, the Chancy-Pougny power plant was originally built to supply metallurgical plants. It now supplies Geneva with electricity.


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The construction of the Chancy-Pougny power plant began in 1920. It initially supplied the French metallurgical plants in Le Creusot. As from 1958, Geneva began to be supplied with electricity produced by this plant.

The power plant is operated by the Société des Forces Motrices de Chancy-Pougny, of which SIG and the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône are shareholders.

This is a flow-of-the-river dam: as the volume of the reservoir is too small, no storage is possibleUnlike accumulation power plants, run-of-the-river plants have little or no storage capacity. They cannot store up their energy, which must be consumed directly. ?. It benefits from the flow modulations performed by the Seujet dam for Verbois.

In 2014, the dam underwent major renovations: four generating units were renovated (replaced by "Francis" turbines) for the purpose of increasing the plant's equipment flow rate, which currently achieves an annual production rate of 250 GWh, or 8.3% of the Canton of Geneva's consumption.


In 2015, the Chancy Pougny power plant was awarded the naturemade star certification, a label that certifies the source of the energy and the quality of its production, pursuant to the most demanding criteria in Europe. This allows it to currently supply the Electricité Vitale Vert product.

Technical documents relating to environemental aspects

Key figures

  • 50 MW of power

  • 240 GWh an annual production rate

  • 11 metres of gross head (difference in the water level between the top and the base of the dam)

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