The Seujet Dam

The special feature of this structure is that it is a dam located in the heart of the city, built on the Rhône riverbed, between the Coulouvrenière and Sous-Terre bridges, close to the former Forces Motrices factory.


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From 1894 to 1995, the water level of the lake was regulated "by hand" using movable wooden gates attached to the Pont de la Machine. The dam was inaugurated in 1995, with 3 objectives: control the water levels of Lake Geneva; regulate the flow of the Rhone; produce electricity. 


The dam is equipped with a fish ladder that allows 4,000 fish to swim upstream of the river each year, as well as a ramp to facilitate passage for beavers. Since 2002, the dam has received the naturemade star certification, a label that certifies the origin of the energy and the quality of its production, pursuant to the most demanding criteria in Europe. This allows it to currently supply the Electricité Vitale Vert product.

Technical documents relating to environemental aspects

Key figures

  • 5,6 MW of power

  • 25 GWh an annual production rate

  • 1 % of Geneva's consumption

  • 3 metres of gross head (difference in the water level between the top and the base of the dam)

The Seujet dam cannot currently be visited due to works.

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