Projet associatif : appel à candidature

Are you a member of a Geneva association active in the social field? SIG offers to place at your disposition a plot of land measuring approximately 3,000m2 in Versoix for the implementation of public utility projects.

A privileged location


As part of its real estate portfolio, SIG has at its disposal a plot of land ideally located in the municipality of Versoix, close to Lake Geneva and the public transport system. Presently occupied by the nautical section of the company's sports group, SIG wishes to make this space available, in the context of a shared arrangement involving the above-mentioned nautical section and organisations, which are active in the social sector.

Located at 20 Chemin des Graviers, the plot is in the immediate vicinity of Port-Choiseul and its beach. With a surface area of 2,851 m2, it is situated within the Rives du Lac Léman protected area.


Associative project


To identify a project that corresponds to the site's characteristics and the company's plans, SIG is launching a campaign, appealing to all social purpose organisations and associations in Geneva that create links and place people at the centre of their activities.
For example, these may include associations supporting people with physical, mental or psychological disabilities, as well as associations specialising in activities for disadvantaged children, initiatives directed towards young people in rehabilitation or activities for senior citizens. 

Ideally, and to distribute the effort involved in this type of project, SIG plans to engage several associations, grouped in a community, in this project. Depending on the proposed project, the plot may be made available for a period of 2 to 5 years.

Download the application file

Submit an application file


Any additional questions and/or requests to visit the plot can be submitted via email until 15 February 2020:


  • November 2019 - February 2020: call for applications
  • 15 February 2020: deadline for any inquiries and/or request to visit the plot
  • 28 February 2020: deadline for submitting an application file
  • Spring 2020: presentation of the pre-selected files and announcement of the selected file
  • Summer 2020: provision of the plot (indicative date, barring unforeseen circumstances)



Submitting an application file

Submit a file

The submission of applications is performed exclusively by using the form below, no mailing.
Prior to submitting any application, it is essential to have read the application form.

Download the application file

The deadline for submission of application files is Friday, 28 February 2020.


Afin d’être complet, le dossier de candidature doit comprendre :
- une présentation détaillée de votre projet, incluant les points cités dans le paragraphe 3.4 du dossier d’appel à candidature,
- une version complétée et signée du dossier d’appel à candidature, en particulier les pages 1 et 8.

Ces éléments peuvent être envoyés grâce au champ de téléchargement ci-dessous (privilégiez un format .zip afin de joindre plusieurs éléments dans un dossier) :
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