Our customer commitments

SIG is definitively committed to its customers:

employé de terrain SIG

We restore electricity within 4 hours following a scheduled interruption in 99% of the cases.


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Gas maintenance services

Respond in under 3 hours in the event of network failure and in less than 30 minutes for gas emergencies.

This is the case for 81% of responses. 

Employé SIG du service client devant son ordinateur

Customer service

  • Put you through to an adviser in under 30 seconds at +41 (0)844 800 808.

This is the case for 86% of calls. 

  • •Process your request on +41(0)844 800 808 as of the very first call.

This is the case for 84% of requests. 

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Electricity savings

  • Bill you at the lowest electricity rate.

This is the case for 100% of our customers. 

  • Ensure you enjoy a 10-20% discount on the energy portion of your bill if you reduce your electricity consumption by at least 4%.


This was the case for 86,715 customers in 2016.

Electricity savings
eau qui coule du robinet

Drinking water

Provide you with pristine water by supplementing the chemical analyses tests with taste tests twice a month.

This is the case every year, with 24 yearly tastings organised across the drinking water network, ensuring pristine water with a most pleasant taste.