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Les contrats « PEP » ou jeunes diplômés



Acronyme de « Première expérience professionnelle », le contrat PEP s’adresse à des jeunes diplômés sans expérience professionnelle notable (en dehors des stages obligatoires). Il devra donc être conclu moins d’une année après la fin des études.



Période de recrutement 

Tout au long de l'année.




De 3 mois minimum à 12 mois maximum.



Procédure de recrutement 


Le dossier de candidature doit comporter :


1) Un Curriculum Vitae complet.


2) Trois adjectifs qui vous définissent (lettre de motivation optionnelle).


3) Le(s) diplôme(s).



Be a student at bachelor’s, master’s or equivalent level

Be involved in a training programme for which a corporate internship is mandatory

Have an internship agreement



Recruitment period

Throughout the year.




From a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 1 year.



Recruitment procedure


The application form must include:


1) A letter of motivation

specifying the reference number of the desired internship


2) A complete Curriculum Vitae


3) A blank copy of the internship agreement

(to be requested from the secretariat of your training institute)


SIG is committed to promoting gender diversity in the technical professions! We strongly encourage students to submit their applications.


Furthermore, each year we train commercial maturity interns whose main mission is to engage in our company´s administrative activities. Recruitment occurs during January-February with the publication of our offer via the MP Internship Monitoring Department of the corporate area.

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