Connect to your future with a SIG apprenticeship!

We train the professionals of tomorrow on a daily basis, join the community of 60 SIG trainees! Together, we promote the dynamism of Geneva and your dynamism is also our strength.

At SIG, you will learn a trade while performing a diversified job and earning a salary.

An apprenticeship with SIG, a CFC (Federal Vocational Diploma), a future in the making.


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Période de postulation ouverte du 10 janvier au 11 février 2022

Your apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship

Have you concluded your compulsory education? Are you under 18 in your first year...? Are you interested in any of our careers ? We are interested in YOU!

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    An apprenticeship provides young people with the experience and expertise they need to prepare professionally for the labour market.

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    There is a gap between what is taught to students at school and what is expected of them when they enter the professional world. An apprenticeship at SIG will enable you to develop your talent for your future job.

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    We offer a training path of excellence by providing you with the opportunity to conclude a 3 or 4 year training course and obtain a Federal Vocational Diploma (CFC), with or without a Vocational Baccalaureate. Regardless of your choice, you will be provided with individual support from experienced internship managers and two highly qualified apprenticeship managers (commissioner and/or expert for professional examinations).



(Re)Découvre le magazine « Le Génie des métiers » sur Léman Bleu, où certain·es de nos apprenti·es et leurs responsables témoignent de leur formation :

  • Skye Parrot, en formation d’automaticienne, et Léa Pahud, sa responsable de stage ;
  • Florian Zwahlen, ancien apprenti SIG, Bleart Syla, apprenti électricien de montage, et Yvan Gaillard, responsable de stage.

Voir la vidéo


For more information on apprenticeships:

Commercial professional maturity internship (PM 3 + 1)

Internship (PM 3 + 1)

Each year, SIG trains commercial maturity trainees whose main aim is to participate in the company's administrative activities.

Our offer is available through the Company PM Space Internship Office.

Our careers

Our careers

We train apprentices for the following careers :

  • Customer relations officer
  • Automation specialist
  • Heavy goods vehicle driver
  • Metal construction engineer
  • Industrial designer and constructor
  • Assembly electrician
  • Power grid electrician EN
  • Commercial employee profile E and MP 3+1
  • Geomatics expert

  • Computer specialist - Corporate IT consulting
  • Electrical technician
  • Chemical laboratory technician
  • Warehouse logistics technician
  • Automobile maintenance mechanic
  • Automotive mechatronics technician
  • IT operator
  • Printing technologist - Reprography

* Pour la période de recrutement 2022, nous recherchons des apprenti·es dans les métiers marqués d'une astérisque.

How to apply?

Application form



January - February: publication of apprenticeship offers (on our website and in the press in particular).
March - April: aptitude tests and selection of candidates.
May: signing of contracts.

Conditions of appointment


To be less than 18 years of age at the beginning of the first year of the apprenticeship.

Pass an aptitude test.


  • Test d'aptitude

    2. Aptitude test
    We will contact you to register for the aptitude tests.

  • Entretien

    3. Interview
    This is our opportunity to get to know you better, understand your goals, discover your skills, get to know your passions. You can ask any questions you wish to our apprenticeship managers.

  • Présélection

    4. Pre-selection
    Our team will analyse your file and in the event your references match our requirements, we will contact you to perform an internship.

  • Engagement

    5. Commitment
    Once you have succeeded, we will offer you an apprenticeship contract and inform you of your salary, benefits, and other issues related to the working conditions at SIG.

Do you want to prepare for the interview? Here are some recommendations!

  • - Find out about the careers that interest you.
    - Consult the website of the company.
    - Learn more about the company's history.

  • - Take advantage of the interview to ask questions about the activities you will be performing and what will be expected of you.

  • - Provide the various documents about yourself which you deem to be important.
    - Present yourself at least 15 minutes prior to your interview.
    - Pay attention to your personal appearance by dressing properly.

  • - Before leaving, ask how long it will take for the recruitment decision to be made.
    - Send an email to the persons who interviewed you thanking them for their time.
    - Check your file if you don´t receive a reply.

Awards and certification

Awards and certification
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2017 Best Training Company Award

In November 2017, SIG was granted the 2017 Best Training Company Award in the "Major Companies" category. This award honours SIG's commitment to the supervision and professional training of young people.

Logo Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic Label

For the third consecutive year, SIG was distinguished as a company that promotes performance sport under the Swiss Olympic Label, which rewards training institutions implementing programmes adapted to the needs of young Swiss sports talents.

For any questions related to HR, you may contact us on
022 420 70 53 from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 12 noon.