SIG is a humanist company which places people at the heart of its concerns. As such, it wants its website as well as the places open to visits to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

What is accessibility?



On the internet, accessibility consists in making a web page understandable and usable by all internet users, including people living with a physical or mental disability of any kind (intellectual, hearing or visual impairment, motor impairment, etc.).


Visitable sites


On physical sites, the aim is to make the place and the proposed experience accessible to all, for example by ensuring access for people with reduced mobility.

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Website accessibility

In order to offer people with disabilities an optimal digital experience, standards have been issued by organisations such as the W3C.

This involves respecting certain recommendations, such as :

  • Applying a sufficiently high level of contrast between the text colour and the background colour.
  • Allowing navigation using the keyboard and not just the mouse.
  • Structuring the HTML code so that audio transcription software can easily identify the structure of the page and the hierarchy of information within it.
  • Adding textual descriptions as an alternative to images.
  • Providing subtitles for videos.
  • Providing PDF files compatible with audio transcription software.
  • Some videos are also available in sign language.

Accessibility of visitable sites

Several of the SIG heritage sites are open to the public and tours are available. In order to make the experience and the visit accessible to all, SIG is implementing concrete actions according to the specificities of the sites concerned (inventory as of 30 January 2020):

Quartier Libre SIG

  • The site is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Our receptionists and guides have received training in communicating with people who have impaired hearing.
  • There is a range of tours and workshops suitable for people with disabilities.
  • A magnetic loop for people with impaired hearing is being installed.

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Jet d’eau

  • The film "Jet d’eau : une histoire, un symbole" was dubbed in sign language.
  • Guided tours for deaf and people with impaired hearing are being set up.

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Verbois dam and Bois-de-Bay WWTP

  • A diagnosis is in progress by ID-GEO with recommendations for accessibility.

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Learn more about The Bois-De-Bay WWTP

Berges de Vessy

  • A range of tours and workshops for people with disabilities is being set up at the exhibitions and events.
  • Adapted access is being put in place to allow people with disabilities to move around the site during the development work (2020 - 2023).

Learn more about The Berges de Vessy


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