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With EquiLibre, SIG is innovating in order to provide its employees with a greater sense of well-being at work and a better work-life balance. Discover this ambitious project that involves digitising work resources, more flexible working hours, remote working, trust and autonomy.

The principles of the EquiLibre programme

Discover the four pillars composing this innovative and ambitious project, designed to offer employees greater occupational well-being and an improved work-life balance.

Transparent, open-plan, colourful, flexible and user-friendly: the workspaces have been completely redesigned. Depending on their tasks and wishes, employees choose a place that suits them best.

Work tools have been adapted to allow employees to work when and where they want.

The new work organisational structure aims to grant employees greater autonomy and enable a better balance between their work and private lives.

In the relationship between manager and employee, trust and collaboration predominate, which promotes engagement and fulfilment at work.

  • 80 % of employees stated that they are satisfied or very satisfied with ÉquiLibre

  • 650 employees at the Lignon site involved, or over half of them

  • 8,000 of workspaces converted into dynamic spaces

  • 1 new workspace available for employees created in the city centre – the Stand

  • 180 managers involved in the new work organisational structure, or more than half of SIG managers

  • 96 % of managers are confident in the ability of their team to deliver high-quality work within a given timeframe

SIG employee testimonials


Our employees have spoken about the changes in their relationship to work that have resulted from EquiLibre.

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