Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction is of primary concern to SIG, which is why the company conducts an annual survey on this subject. For the sake of transparency, SIG has chosen to publish the results of this study as well as areas for improvement arising from it.

Objectives and method

The purpose of the survey is to :

  • Evaluate the level of customer satisfaction
  • Understand customer perceptions and expectations of the services offered

Using these results, SIG can :

  • Adapt its services to meet customer expectations
  • Improve the lived experience of its customers

The survey is conducted each year with a representative sample of more than 1,000 people, made up of both individual and professional customers. In order to ensure objectivity, the study is carried out in collaboration with independent institutes (MSR SA Pully - BVN Carouge).

Results (June 2020)

  • 70 % de la clientèle très et extrêmement satisfaite

  • 8.2/10 Note de recommandation

  • 3 Points forts

  • 3 Axes d’améliorations majeurs

  • Excellence in SIG professions: trust and quality of contact are assets during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Support has been improved for energy efficiency
  • Setting an example in environmental (commitment to Climate Pact) and social domains (Bilan Prize for best employer)

  • Better facilitate procedures in the relationship with SIG
  • Improve the readability of invoices
  • Better inform customers about unscheduled outages

Words from a SIG customer

The spirit of innovation and environmental awareness are major assets of SIG