Since 2010, SIG has been sponsoring promising young people in Geneva who take part in high-performance individual sports. This is a way to express our social responsibility in an innovative way, contributing to the success of these talented, up and coming youths. Our financial support allows them to live their passion on a daily basis, without giving up their studies.


SIG has the honour of currently supporting five athletes..

Naïma Karamoko


Discipline: Tennis

Born on the 30/09/1997

Supported by SIG since 2016

Zoé Frey

Canoé-kayak slalom

Discipline: Canoe-kayak slalom

Born on the 28/04/2003

Supported by SIG since 2019
(video to be discovered soon)

Nils Liess


Discipline: Swimming

Born on the 24/08/1996

Supported by SIG since 2017

Jonathan Suckow


Discipline: Diving

Born on the 04/01/1999

Supported by SIG since 2013

Fanny Nussberger


Discipline : Triathlon

Born on the : 16/05/2002

Supported by SIG since 2017

Rules for awarding of individual sports sponsorship


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